10 things before you start e-commerce

There are many e-commerce platforms on the market and a number of the best ads promising e-commerce is ready to use in a few hours. But what should pay attention before choosing the e-commerce platform?

  1. MAKE COMPARISON. Browse other online stores. Make a list of success ones as well as the things that you would believe you will do better. Collect ideas and tips across the business borders.
  2. FOCUS. This can not be stressed too much. Find out for yourself what you are going to sell. Specialized trade you can achieve international success without big contributions. With a wide range of products you get more customers but there is also more competition. Do you want more visibility to your own products? Or sales channel to the imported products? Are you going to set up the network department store? Is the product a physical object, a downloadable file, or a service?
  3. MARKET. Are the markets of your product or service local or international? Is your online store internationalized? It’s easy to add products to the shop as well in English, French and Chinese at the same time. In retrospect, it seems onerous. Keep in mind that your customers speaks many languages.
  4. NUMBER OF PRODUCTS. How many products or services there is going to be in the online store? Is it just a few items, or perhaps thousands of products?
  5. LOGISTICS. Will you sent the products themselves or outsourcing service from another firm?
  6. FEATURES OF THE PRODUCTS. Where you placed the stock if you’ll manage it by yourself? Is there special requires to storage e.g. temperature or humidity? Can you expand the storage easily? Is there also pick-up point at the stock?
  7. LAW AND BUREAUCRACY. Do you know laws of the operation countries? Does your product processing need  license or special permit?
  8. FINANCING. Costs will be inevitably even you work from home. E-commerce software, storage, packaging, postal charges (and recoveries!), marketing, your own domain and the payment service provider all costs something.
  9. MARKETING. Have you found out who are your prospective customers? Where to reach them? Customers do not find your store by accident, even if the store is always open and on the web.
  10. SPECIAL FEATURES. Does your ideas differing from the traditional online store features? Does the purchase date effect to the a discount rate? Does the client specify the delivery time? Will you sell downloadable products like video or .pdf?

All of the above affect the choice of e-commerce platform. There is not just one solutions that works for all.

Have you already make your list?


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